About Paul J Hindelang

PaulJ1012As a consultant, trainer, speaker and coach, Paul inspires personal and business improvement that get results. He has worked with many businesses — large, small, and professional services to create quality, service and marketing changes that:
1.) build powerful customer sales relationships to create referrals and resales.
2.) energize the team with positive attitudes, disciplined behaviors and performance results.
3.) deliver premier quality, service and build a 5-Star reputation.

The most successful marketing strategies today are focused on building powerful long term relationships with current customers. These customers provide all the marketing testimonials that any company can use to get referrals, prove their value, obtain resales, and grow their company. Typically 80% of new business comes as a result of activities with current customers. New prospect marketing is expensive, non-directed, and generates plenty of steam but little power. A disciplined program of marketing with inbound lead generation, prospect nurturing, and customer relationships management is the path for progress in an attention deficit world.